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Bespoke Wedding Cinematography


At Savage Love Films, we embrace the diversity of every love story with open arms and cameras ready. Understanding that no two weddings are the same, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our filming style to suit your unique preferences and vision. From meticulously planning your shots before the wedding day and guiding you through each moment, to suggesting the best poses for a cinematic flair or simply being a discreet observer capturing the day as it naturally unfolds, we ensure your wedding film reflects the true essence of your relationship.

Our fully customisable videography services are not just about recording moments; they’re about adapting to the vibe and spirit of your celebration. Whether you’re dreaming of a film that’s packed with epic, cinematic shots or you prefer a more understated, documentary style that captures the heartfelt, unscripted moments, we’re here to make it happen. We engage with you, listen to your stories, and translate your personal narratives into a visual masterpiece that resonates with your individual style and budget.

With Savage Love Films, you’re not just getting a videographer; you’re getting a creative partner who is as flexible and dynamic as your love story deserves. Let us capture your day, your way, ensuring your wedding film is as unique and beautiful as your own love story.

Our Customisable Videography Services

Trailer Film

Get a quick sneak peek of your day, delivered swiftly. 30-60sec Either vertical or horizontal, which I post on Instagram and Facebook a few days after your wedding.

Highlight Film (3-5 minutes)

A beautifully crafted film of your special day, ideal for those who cherish quality and emotion, perfect for reliving the most poignant moments.

Cinematic Film (6-8 minutes)

This extended cinematic masterpiece captures everything from morning preparations to late-night dances with cinematic elegance, offering a more detailed glimpse into your wedding day.

Full Ceremony Film & Full Speeches Film

Every crucial moment, from the vows to the speeches, captured in full so you can relive them forever.

Full Wedding Day Film (45-90 minutes)

A comprehensive documentation of your entire wedding day, from the early preparations to the final dance, capturing the essence of your celebration in detail.

Priority Editing

Fast-track your film's editing process to relive your special moments sooner.

Team Flexibility

Choose from one, two, or a team of three videographers for your day.

Post-Wedding Day Shoots

Sometimes, the wedding day can be too hectic to capture every shot a couple might want. We offering a post-wedding shoot, also known as a "trash the dress" or "day after" a relaxed and creative opportunity to capture additional footage in stunning locations without the time constraints of the wedding day.

Digital Guestbook

Incorporate guest messages into your film for a unique, memorable touch.

Special Features

Love Story Interviews

we go beyond traditional wedding videography to capture the essence of your love. Our unique interview style allows us to weave your personal love story into your wedding film. Imagine hearing your partner answers to questions like "How did you meet?", "What was your first kiss like?", or "When did you know he/she was 'the one'?" seamlessly integrated into your wedding footage. This not only adds a personal touch but also immortalises your journey together in your wedding film.

State-of-the-Art Filming Techniques

Your wedding is filmed in stunning 4K resolution with 2-4 cameras, multiple audio recorders, and drone footage (weather and location permitting), guaranteeing every angle and every emotion is captured in the highest quality.

Seasonal and Location-Based Insights

Tailored advice to capture the best of Northern Ireland's landscapes and architecture, enhancing the visual storytelling of your wedding film.

Why Choose Savage Love Films?

Tailor-Made Just for You

At Savage Love Films, your unique love story deserves a uniquely crafted visual narrative. That's why we invite you to a personalized video consultation, where we'll dive deep into your vision, preferences, and the essence of your relationship. Together, we'll design a bespoke wedding film package that not only captures the beauty and emotion of your day but also aligns seamlessly with your budget.

See the Difference

Don't just take our word for it - explore our gallery of wedding films and hear directly from couples who've trusted us to capture their special day. Discover the depth of our creativity, the quality of our craftsmanship, and the warmth of our client relationships.

Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

With Savage Love Films, transparency is at the heart of everything we do. A straightforward deposit secures your date, with the balance due just one week before the wedding. Plus, with complimentary travel within Northern Ireland, we ensure that logistics are the last thing on your mind.

Ready to start the journey towards your dream wedding film? Contact us to schedule your consultation. Let's create something unforgettable.
    YES! We want you to be as involved as you’d like to be. That being said, we usually pick the music for 95% of the weddings we shoot. We license our music meaning a.) your music won’t be taken down from the internet due to copyright infringement. Facebook and instagram have become wicked smaaht kid. b.) You’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting the best part of the music industry: the artist. c.) You’ll be obeying the law (whoo hoo!)
    Securing your wedding date is simple and stress-free. Just sign our online contract and submit a 25% deposit. The remaining balance isn't due until one week before your big day. It's our way of making the process smooth and convenient for you.
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