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NI Wedding Awards 2023 WINNER

Romantic shoot of couple having a nice quiet moment together
Groom reaction, first time seeing his wife to be walking the aisle in a wedding dress
real love between these two

From our

Galgorm, gardens, night time, chandelier gardens
Just married first kiss
Wife looking in her new husband eyes
Greeting line of guests after the ceremony
First portion of ice cream for newlyweds
Husband looking in his new wife eyes
after the ceremony couple walking our of the church
new Husband and wife having a kiss in front of the venue entrance
Couple photoshoot in Barbercastle Ireland
Husband and wife in front of their wedding car


Emma & Shane

Our goal is to craft films that become cherished dreams for our couples to revisit. By capturing the very essence of each wedding, we aim to evoke genuine emotions and foster a profound connection in every person who watches our work.




Hi! I’m Renaldas from Savage Love Films. My adventure in filming weddings started in 2021. I quickly fell in love with capturing those special moments that make your big day unforgettable.

I love to travel and learn about different cultures, and I bring those experiences into my films. This helps me uniquely tell each couple’s story.

Starting with learning from YouTube, I’ve now filmed 49 weddings in just one year. My journey is all about my passion for sharing love stories.

I’m all about catching the real, unplanned moments of your wedding day – the big laughs, the quiet tears, and everything in between. I want to make a film that shows your love just as it is, full of life and color.

Let’s create something beautiful together. Your love story deserves to be told in the best way, and I can’t wait to help do that.


Lets Create Something Beautiful For You!

Farmers just get married
Galgorm wedding chandeliers
Groom and Bride walking photo
Just married couple petting own dog
Just married husband and wife in front of their venue with wedding cards
Newly weds in a pink smoke
Rings exchange on a ceremony
Young husband and wife having a quiet moment together
Wedding couple having a moment
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