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I'm Renaldas, the chief storyteller at Savage Love Films. Born in Lithuania, I landed in Ireland in 2012, bringing just a suitcase and a bunch of dreams. My family? It's me and my brother keeping it tight and traditional.

In 2016, I accidentally tripped into the world of filmmaking. It started with short films, but then, weddings! Oh, capturing love stories became my jam. Imagine turning a single day's joy into a forever tale – it's like magic, and I'm hooked.

I kicked off humbly, capturing the love at just three weddings in my first half-year. Fast forward, and now I'm juggling nearly 50 a year. Talk about a wild ride!

Don't let my youthful looks fool you; I've racked up more experience than my face lets on. And when it comes to choosing between photos and videos, I'm all in for videos... for now. The future? That's a story yet to be filmed.

Off-camera, you'll find me dodging cigarettes and booze, occasionally hitting the gym (though, let's be real, not as often as those fitness gurus). Can't help it – those video edits won't do themselves!

Got questions, or just wanna shoot the breeze? Hit me up! Let's chat!

In 2021, I launched Savage Love Films (SLF) with just three weddings in the first half year. Fast forward to the next year, and we captured the magic of 49 weddings! At SLF, we're driven by a deep passion for documenting love, weaving the enchanting moments of a couple's wedding into a visual masterpiece that narrates their love story eternally.

We take immense pride in focusing on the exquisite beauty, genuine emotions, and all the precious details that unfold during a couple's wedding weekend. Our approach is rooted in capturing real, authentic love, ensuring each frame resonates with the essence of the moment.

Our dedication and commitment to our craft were recognized when SLF clinched a top prize at the NI Wedding Awards 2023, securing the title of The Best Videographer In Northern Ireland among the Top Wedding Videographers NI. It's not just a job for us; it's a heartfelt endeavor to immortalize love stories beautifully and authentically.

My and my girlfriend in the car, driving to wedding awards, where I took the first place as a best wedding videographer

"Savage Love Films"

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